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enhance: checklist of part 3, dialogs, file handler test, and removed unused methods

Carl Gützkow requested to merge enhance/file-controller-tests into master

What are the key features of this change

  • Fixed the last things from the review of part 2.
  • Added more tests for file handler.
  • Deleted some unused methods
  • Removed the double click to delete functionality as it was counter intuitive.
  • Added better dialogboxes with the possibility for expandable information. (This could also be changed in the future to not only contain lists)
  • Added a new iteration to
  • Images can now be put in a folder under resources.
  • Added javadoc folder with deploying script to pages

closes: None

Size of change: big


  • Javadoc is added to methods and classes
  • Tests are added to feature
  • Build tool test passed
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