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Long time no PR: Volumetric slices and better networking

Ole Ravna requested to merge dev into master


Much has changes as it is a very long time since I have done this. But main differences is the volumetric dissections and much improved networking (at least in terms of amount of work).

Added features

  • Admin functions
  • Volumetric dissections
  • Multiplayer heads and pointers
  • Synchronize button action over network
  • Synchronize movement over network more completely
  • Directional indicator
  • Info board


  • Clustering issues
  • A whole lot of networking spatial stuff and other syncing

Known added bugs

  • Clustering will revert to old colorscheme
  • There are new info board text which is not jet implemented
  • Dissectin/clipping is not enabled correctly for user joining a room with clipping on.
  • Possibly multiple multiplayer-heads spawning per player in one session

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