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The last of the PR: fixes fixes fixes

Ole Ravna requested to merge dev into master


Much fixing, less wow.

Added features

  • Custom player name: change nickname at runtime, will sync
  • Admin control will move when admin disconnects (more of a fix)
  • Volumetric dissection can show only brainparts which are snapped.
  • Clustering can show old colors.


  • Toggle buttons sync better over network
  • Clipping plane renders correctly when spawned in
  • Snap to axes syncs better, as does the clippingball
  • Colors on cluster disable

Known added bugs

  • Android user still starts without username
  • Clustering is not synced correctly.
  • Generally many buttons are not synced properly (needs OnClick_NetworkButton)
  • Admin controls are very possible to get around
  • Admin controls do not hide clustering control menu (and maybe other menus)
  • The floating object problem

Note: server is set fixed to EU now, this is so that the app can be used remotely with people in Oslo. The better option would be to search for rooms and custom room creations.

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